Dev Bruhlstone

Will The Singularity Be Beautiful

Acrylic, glass, lighting, metal leaf

one of a kind, wall or shelf mount

20" x 30" x 10"

Distillation and Storage of Past Indiscretions

Acrylic, glass, lighting, plastics, metal leaf.

one of a kind, wall or shelf mount

25" x 16" x 9"

All The Pretty Broken Things Are Gems

Acrylic, glass, metal leaf on dimensional paperboard, lighting, plastics

36" x 12" x 12" 

one of a kind, wall or shelf mount

Acrylic Two Leg Box Stand

One of a kind midcentury industrial acrylic pair of box legs as box stand.

One of a kind.

Life in the Burbs

Miniatures under a series of Glass bells, acrylic lighted pedestal

62" high, 10" circumference

one of a kind  

4 Eye Stools and Mad Scientist Lamp

Stools 18" x 16" 

Mad Scientist Lamp 15" x 10"


Wedding Gown Treatment

A girl's dream


The Cloud of Eqanimity

Freshwater pearl

Stainless Steel Neckring

Diaphanous Copper Clavicle

Ethereal Knitted Copper

Fabulous Energy Neckwear

Acrylic, acrylic encased wire.

Mica on Leather Cuffs

Wrap and button, 3/4" wide leather.

Natural local Mica

Keep Yourself Together

Today I Split the Atom

Lucite and acrylic encased wire 


Silk Jabot on cotton Tank